Earth’s Luck

callig_earthEarthly Luck is connected to the environment and Feng Shui…
Alignment to the Positive Forces in Nature have always resulted in Synchronicity and Accumulating Feng Shui Fortune.

In Feng Shui, the fortune we gather when we align ourselves to Good Feng Shui definitely helps! You can make yourself more prosperous when you tap into the natural prosperity lines that already secretly lie within your building. The best detection comes through the use of the Flying Stars Method which calculates an entire Feng Shui Horoscope for your building. When you can tap into these lines accurately… it can increase your prosperity by 30%

When we align ourselves toward the positive energies in the earth or we orient ourselves harmoniously with earths energies “life goes better.”

Mother Nature naturally has many ways that she likes to embrace us every day. Each day the sun comes out, it makes our food grow…, we have many ways to find shelter, we can survive and even thrive in the incredible kingdom of mother nature. So when we harmonize ourselves with Good Feng Shui and we use harmonious methods that are available… the effects of Good Feng Shui are outstanding to say the least. Good Feng Shui protects us, harmonizes with us and makes us prosper!

Essentially, the ancients observed that there are three things we need to do to “tap into the Fortune” the Earth has to offer.

1. Align ourselves with the positive energies that exist at a seen and unseen level.
2. Avoid negative energies which also exist at a seen and unseen level.
3. Reinforce the positive by re-aligning with it everyday.

Aside from the use of Feng Shui, other ways we can tap into the positive energies from the earth are:

Through the Vastu Shastra, Earth Harmonies, Earth Acupuncture, Permaculture, Dowsing, Harmonization of Earth Radiation, living in harmony with nature… all of these ‘earth healing arts’ tap into the “energies of the earth” and can help to put us into a better harmony with “the Fortune of the Earth” and the positive energy created by the Five Elements.

How Earth’s Energy Can Help

When we are in harmony with the currents of the life force energy flow we are naturally in tune with our surroundings, our destiny and our life. This is because we ‘feel’ better. We have more power and ability to steer our lives and enhance our destiny when we harmonize with the Earth influences vs going against them. I mean… who wants to continually swim against the river!

Feng Shui Masters right throughout Asia agree:
When your luck is down, Feng Shui helps to make your life flow better…