3 Types of Fortune

The Chinese have always believed that “Man” has three types of Fortune which accompany him throughout his (her) lifetime.

Essentially these are categorized as: Heaven’s Fortune, Earth’s Fortune and Man’s Fortune.

1.     The First is Heaven’s Fortune:
The Chinese say that 40% of our Fortune comes from Heaven.

This translates as Heavenly Blessings or good fortune we have created from our past actions and good deeds (so good karma).   The Ancient Chinese understood that practicing virtue and performing good deeds accumulated to create good fortune and karma.  In fact they have a saying: If your Destiny is bad… If your Luck is Bad… If your Feng Shui is Bad,… practice being virtuous and learn something!  This follows the deep understanding that first, most important thing is our destiny, the second is the Fortune we have, the third is our Feng Shui (and being in the right place at the right time), the fourth is the virtues we practice (which we become known by) and the fifth is our knowledge (ie the knowledge we have to create our fortune, our livelihood, and enjoy a good prosperous ie happy life)… You can read more about Heavens Luck here.

2.     The Second is Earth’s Fortune:
The Chinese believe that 30% of the Fortune we have comes from the Chi in the ground and how we are arranged on the Earth (as in arranged via Feng Shui).   The Ancients knew that the Earth had a nourishing affect when the Earth and the ‘Five Elements’ were arranged properly  They, alongside many other ancient cultures, believed that the Earth itself is made up of Five Elements which bring about various creation, harmony, polarity, destruction energies through the movement of Yin and Yang. The usual way the Chinese harness “Earth’s fortune” is to use or practice Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the study of “Earth Harmony” and it puts us into harmony with the Earth and the Five Elements.

3.    The Third is Man’s Fortune:
A fantastic 30% of our Fortune is said to come from the things we do. In other words: the decisions we make, the good ideas we have, the things we do creates our good fortune.

In a building: heaven represents the ceiling; Man represents the walls, Earth represents the flooring.  According to the Chinese mind, the dynamics of heaven, man and earth are very real energies that fill our lives.