Heaven’s Luck

callig_heavenHeavenly Fortune: Some people call this tapping into God, some call it connecting to “The Source,” some call it being in touch with “The Universe… or a Higher Power,” some call it acting out “The Greater Good…”   

In the world of Inner Feng Shui it doesn’t really matter what you call it…  The Blessings you create today becomes the Blessing you receive tomorrow… because Heavenly Blessings have the potential to boost our Fortune by a whopping 40%…

So What is Heaven’s Luck…?

The Chinese believe that a Heavenly Energy or Heaven’s Luck protects the life and destiny we are born with.

At one level, you could think of it as the unique astrology that makes up our personality, or the set of circumstances we were born with/into or the way the planets were aligned at our time of birth.   At another level it measures the degree of protection we have in life and the way Heaven’s Fortune plays out in our lives.  Even though Heavenly Blessings are connect to fate, chance, destiny or providence if you like, they are also connected to the ability we have internally to change a bad situation into a good situation, or our ability to turn something negative into something positive.  Whilst Heaven’s Fortune is considered to be a life force energy that is beyond our ability to control… it also plays out through our personalities and so our input is an important factor.

Usually, the Chinese believe that Heaven’s Luck has an extremely positive effect in our lives.  However, having an abundance of Heavenly Energy doesn’t mean that bad things will never happen to us or our stock of good fortune is so high you can never have bad things happen ever again…  What Heavenly Fortune means is that even if bad things do happen… even the negative things have the capacity to become like a blessing in your life like a “Blessing in Disguise….” that still leads you to having good fortune even though something “bad” did initially happen.

Mostly, Heaven’s Fortune is considered to be a “Destiny energy” because it’s initiated by a dynamic you cant necessarily change vs something you do have the power to change…

All the things that we do, does create destiny.  For instance, whatever you do in the next five minutes will lead you to the next 10 minutes, 20 minutes, two days or two weeks from now…  Everything we do has a ripple on effect. In its most simplistic explanation our positive energy creates blessings… our negative energy accumulates debt!

One of the most fascinating Laws of Yin and Yang says: that the Law of Giving and Receiving have to be a never ending part of life.

I guess that makes sense if you consider that if there is no-one Giving… there can be no-one Receiving… So we all need Giving and Receiving to survive!  What goes around… comes around… and Heavenly Blessings are connected to everything we do.  And, when we begin to understand what we can gain from consciously creating “Heavenly Blessings” it means we can begin to consciously create more luck and fortune and do even better!

A Moment of Calculus:
30% my own efforts, 40% Heavenly Fortune… That equals 70% on my calculator!  Yeehar! 😉