Mans Luck

callig_manThe Fortune that we can create for ourselves is dependent on “our awareness.”

The first kind of awareness we need – which is crucial to our success is “self-awareness.” Then, and only after we’ve mastered our own “self awareness…” should we get “everyone-else-awareness!”

We pre-determine our own Fortune by the things we think, say and do because everything we think, say and do contributes to our destiny. In fact, if you think about it… at every second… the things I think, say and do and going to pre-determine my very next second (outcome)…

For instance: if I am afraid of success, these thoughts will prevent me from finding it. Even if I find the greatest opportunity, I may not act upon it – simply because my thoughts of fear are too powerful.

Another instance: if I absent mindlessly say the wrong thing to someone and I offend them… usually I have to take back what I’ve said absent mindlessly – if I want to continue my relationship with that person. If I don’t take it back… I’m left with a “stuck relationship” of my accidental creating.

Our last instance: Whatever we do, we will be remembered for… If we do kindness, people will remember us as kind. If we do aggressiveness, people will remember our aggression. If we do the most positive thing anyone could do within a bad situation… people will remember that we have courage and that we are positive and trustworthy. Whatever we do… People will remember it!

Nothing can reveal our future faster than what we say, do or decide..